Pattern Based Analytics

Discover the unknown


The human brain functions in large part by identifying patterns. Patterns are shorthand for identifying complex, meaningful relationships involving multiple variables.

Patterns are intuitive and robust.


Pattern Based Analytics expands the human capability by identifying patterns, reducing the complexity of understanding the data, and structuring results in prioritized, readily comprehensible graphical representation.


Pattern Based Analytics discovers hypotheses that are not initially apparent.

It efficiently points to what is meaningful in a large, complex data set encompassing all data points and eliminating human and statistical bias.

Quantum Leap Analyst is a Pattern Based Analytics platform that delivers advanced analytics in a form that easily can be used by anyone. A fundamental concept behind practically any form of analytics is that there are relationships or patterns in data that can shed light on the nature of a given outcome. Patterns are signals of behavior, events or episodes. The challenge for the human analyst is to find these patterns and then determine cause/effect relationships.

Quantum Leap Analyst includes breakthrough technology that will automatically discover and validate key relationships or patterns within complex data environments.

Photo © Jim Fenton

Why did we choose pelicans?

A member of the Pelican family, the Northern Gannet is an expert at pattern detection. Spotting his target while flying 150 feet above the water, the Gannet dives reaching 60 mph before snatching his targeted prey for dinner.